Pop culture, art installations and a great sense of humor.  This is BWOOD, a brand present in one of New York’s most interesting neighborhoods, the Lower East Side, a region famed for harboring pop up shops and underground art galleries. You know that super New York style, striking colors with a touch of rebelliousness and cuts that blend with other…? This is BWOOD.

In 2003, designer Brian Wood entered the fashion world in a very unpretentious way. From his apartment in Washington Heights, Wood experimented on cotton shirts with only a sewing machine and a lot of paint. Today, the designer is present in several countries and is recognized for his street fashion and even for collaborations with Nike. The BWOOD fashion could not have been better suited for me to attend a marathon of more than 15 fashion shows during this recent Fashion Week. The peculiar street fashion of the BWOOD brand is comfortable and unmistakable by the details and applications of patches and tincture.

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lorena campos

lorena campos

Lorena Campos

Lorena Campos B wood


lorena campos

lorena campos


Lorena Campos X B.Wood 

lorena campos b wood

lorena campos

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