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Day 1

You read my post yesterday and probably felt in your shoes how tiring it is to get to the Coachella Valley. Still suffering from the effects of jet lag and changing hotels — check in here, check out there — we lost a half of the first day of the festival but got there just in time to check the show of English singer Ellie Goulding, the most anticipated show on Friday. All I wanted after that super long journey – almost a marathon, right? – was simplicity and to just be there for the music, no scene!

A short jean skirt will definitely beat the desert heat and a white off-the-shoulder top creates the perfect contrast for the explosion of colors of this (super) maxi bag hand-made in India. This is a real big purse and is perfect for Coachella for the quick costume change you need to make at dusk, girlfriend. Yesterday, we could feel already that the California desert blesses you with warmth during the day and punishes delightfully with coolness at night. Desert living has never been so good!

Maxi Bag: Henna Impex
Address (Wholesale Only): 142 West, 29th Street, New York, NY.
Fone: 212-695-9933

Off-the-shoulder top: Andrée Blue By Valerie In Style /Skirt: Forever 21 /Shoes: Soda By Lush Couture

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