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No matter your age, I know you’re busy! Teens have a heavier workload at school nowadays. Maybe you graduated from college already and are now married. In that case, you probably have even less time! Dedicating yourself to someone else is an activity that is a full-time, 24 hour exercise. Because, after all, your partner deserves it, right? Now, pile on work and your boss who (re)-baptized you with a new name: Stress. So, how to take care of yourself in such a hectic world?

No matter how many clothes you’ve bought, honey, feeling good and beautiful comes from within, it is part of a process that interacts with your self-esteem, the way you relate to yourself and others. Now go get a notebook and write down these tips to enhance and embrace your beauty!

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Tips for beauty

Self knowledge

Meditate, pray, speak… You choose the name, but the most important action you can take is to set a time for yourself to question, to recognize what feelings you have for yourself right now, review your goals and to listen to your intuition. It may be in the car going to work but the ideal would be to find a moment upon waking or before going to bed. With these attitudes you will know yourself better and feel better.

Self knowledge


What are you afraid of? New challenges can be scary regardless of what you want to change, be it your hair, your boyfriend or your job. Truth be told? All things pass, we are all only here for a short while. What happens next? We do not know, but the time to execute what you want is now because – if it will make you happier – everyone will notice and no one will be able to criticize you because happiness challenges with a smile and gives a mental slap to the fearful.


Physical exercises

Okay. Did you follow tips 1 and 2 already and feel like you know yourself enough to accept new challenges? Then how about enrolling in a new gym or starting a physical activity that you have never experienced before? Keeping in shape, connecting with your breath and improving the cardiovascular system are essential to raising self-esteem and augmenting beauty.


Give yourself some goodies from time to time (or always!). Beauty products, makeup, and nail polish are our friends and allies in the war to fight depression and plant a kiss on the shoulder of the enemy. Good make up is a wonder for bad energy!



Go around, see new people, find friends elsewhere. New experiences will leave you happier. And, if you’re more cheerful, trust me, everyone will notice and find you more beautiful!

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