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Coachella Day 3

Finally, what we came for . . . Guns N’ Roses returned to the stage for the first time in twenty years with part of their  classic line-up. The very first show was actually in Las Vegas this month on the 1st. But it was a surprise concert in a small space, as if it were just a rehearsal for the big return that was seen in a field crowded by thousands of “Gunistas” last night.

A cast on the foot of one of the most successful singers in the history of Rock, Axl Rose, did not stop him from investing all his vocal energy in a show that lasted almost three hours and attracted an audience certainly more rock and roll than the Coachella Festival is known for.

Using the desert as a backdrop and a rock salad landscape before heading to the third day of the festival was how I chose to celebrate the return of “Guns” on stage as well as the controversial announcement this morning: the choice of Axl as the new lead singer of the band ACDC.

Adding another ingredient in the rock and roll salad, I’m wearing this iconic t-shirt of the Led Zeppelin tour in the United States in 1977 because, after all, this is so California!

Pants: Zara / Boots: ShoeGasm /Earrings: Lunara Love /

Hat and belts: Mercado Central de BH / Sunglasses: Ell

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