Coachella Day 2

Is there a rock and roll heaven and hell? Well, if there is, the band Guns N ‘Roses, embodies both. Heaven symbolized with roses and hell with weapons, or the opposite of that. And to celebrate the rock dichotomy that will be at the Coachella stage tonight, there’s nothing better than the jewels of New York designer Justin Montoya; because if we were to translate the emblem of Guns N’ Roses – two firearms intertwined  with roses – the Montoya creations would be the perfect translation.

Montoya has his studio in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea in New York, but his work references the west coast of the United States, where part of his family lives. Montoya’s work resembles in many aspects indigenous elements of colonial and tribal symbols of survival and protection. Replica tips of indigenous spears, bullet capsules, all the elements come together in the collection alluding to weapons of protection and defiance mixed with leather and very chic rusticity. The Bohemian is also present in glamorized form in copper, gold chains and earthy colors while over-sized gems complete the collection with a rock and roll style feel.

No other designer could provide me the ammunition needed for the long-awaited return of Guns N ‘Roses in which “Guns and Roses”, once again, will meet the most violent of passions: rock!

P.S .: To complement the look, I used a special accessory designed by stylist Lunara Love. The “Dakini tail hair” is handmade in various sizes and colors and are sometimes confused with an earring or a braid. The one I’m using is made with wool and bird feathers and resembles a tribal braid resting on fringed jacket.

Montoya Showroom: 280 9th Avenue, New York, NY

Earrings and Dakini Tail: Lunara Love / Photo: Michael Violago





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