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Anniesa Hasibuan Cast: Only Immigrant Models.


Anniesa  Hasibuan began designing and producing pieces at home, for herself and the family, and then expanded the hobby for close friends. The passion for sewing and the fashion courses in London soon turned into runway shows in the most effervescent capitals of the fashion world.

After a successful fashion show in the Spring Summer 2017 edition of New York Fashion Week, Anniesa Hasibuan returns with another collection. A dramatic fall/winter line in which the woman, according to the designer, is the centerpiece — capable of changing the world, turning weaknesses into strength and ethics.

On the catwalk, the religious context is noticed by the presence of the hijab. The veil was presented in the form of luxurious elements in the show.

In fine fabrics, the garments with a lot of volume were combined with the brilliance of gloves designed by Swarovski. The Drama collection comes with many details in pearl and contrast between light colors, bronze, gold, silver and black.

lorena campos

lorena campos hasibuan

lorena campos hasibuan

lorena campos hasibuan

Lorena campos hasibuan