The first time I saw a person wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots, I was practically a child, about 12 years old, and I thought that this fashion piece should be strictly abolished to the troposphere. Fashion, however, will march on, throw styles away and then love them when they come back. I, however, do not love all that easily and when I saw the over-the-knee trend spread through the display windows of New York, I confess I experienced a ghastly sense of deja vu. The reaction lasted an entire season until the arrival of winter when I came to appreciate those damn boots as blessed just because … well, you know those days when you stop and think “why not?” Yeah.

The result was an amazing “wow” as soon as I put on the boots and I did not want to take them off even to take a shower. This trend was the best thing that could have happened to help me delude myself about being taller than I really am. Yes, over the knee elongates the legs and the power is in the form of footwear. And my motto from now on? More boot and less legs!

Boots: Forever 21 / Dress: Urban Outfitters /

Poncho and Hat: H&M / Photo: Michael Violago





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