You love colors and know exactly the tones that complement others, which are the primary colors, secondary and so on … And if you are that person, you have certainly heard of Pantone. Many have heard that magic word that looks like a rainbow and that defines a color system, but where does it come from?

I always thought – like many people – that the Pantone color scale was an invention of physics, and that term was just a scientific word – until finding an official guide of Pantone colors. On that day, at a design exhibition about the 60’s, I discovered that Pantone is nothing more than an American company founded in 1962.

Pantone pioneered the commercial catalog of colors. The company simply printed a guide with hundreds of shades of blue, green, pink, etc. (every color you can imagine!) accompanied by a code number. Each color and its variations now had a number. Since then, the palette of Pantone colors is used in various areas and has become a benchmark for various industries. From fashion to architecture, everyone loves the Pantone Guide.

In the coming days we will post the ten shades of the Pantone Spring to say goodbye to the season (and also because our “Living Aurora” is inspired on colors, right? Not Pantone, but the Aurora Borealis. Click here to learn more about the blog’s name).

And to begin with, what about an aqua tone? Called “Limpet Shell 13-4810” by Pantone, this shade leans to the green family, only cleaner and washed. Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its clear and modern influences evoke tranquility and clarity of ideas.

Dress: Henna Impex / Shoes: Palm Springs Lush / 

Bag: Zara / Eyewear: Ray Bans




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