The desert keeps secrets of man and nature. Sacrifices, dances, enigmatic circles and natural totems, the desert is home to everything – but not all. Knowing several deserts is part of a personal quest, a desire for knowledge and connection between man and nature, of scientific confrontation with the spiritual subjectivism. Visiting the Mojave Desert today is a gift, almost a ritual; and also ritualistic, will be the selection of the pieces that I will take with me, the accessories by designer Lunara Love.

Love, rooted for over ten years in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in western Siberia, from where she brought aesthetic influences of ancient cultures and nomadic peoples who crossed the cold and inhospitable soil of the region that is now part of Russia. The shawl, used as adornment and protection for those people is ever-present in the designer’s collection element. The earth tones of the pieces bring an ethnic appeal and complement the neutral tones of Siberian inspiration. The Boreal Forest Taiga and Altai Mountains, stage of shamanic ceremonies and mystical rituals, are also major references for the designer.

Femininity is another constant element in the work of Lunara Love. An adopted element with different symbolisms for over a hundred ethnic groups, the veil is one of the most popular pieces of the designer’s studio and gives an air of almost mythological deity to any woman wearing it. For this reason, the designer named the piece “Dakini” meaning for Tibetans “the woman that crosses the sky.” The representations of the Goddess Dakini are almost always dancing, an act that celebrates a perfect meeting with the detachment and breadth of the desert. Lunara’s hair accessories are also described by the stylist as “Danceable Hair Art”.

Lunara achieves the difficult integration between the rustic and the delicacy, but perhaps what makes her creations even more special – or divine! – It is the practice of meditation while sewing and making the pieces. No wonder that the name of Lunara means “love.”

Jewelry: Justin Montoya / Dakini Veil, Shawl and Hair Art: Lunara Love 

Dress: Zara / Shoes: Matisse Footwear 

Photo: Michael Violago





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