Lately I’ve been reading a lot about chromotherapy and how colors can influence your daily activities. From a dance class to an important decision-making process, colors are present in everything; and can, indeed, activate and stimulate your energy. Today, therefore, I chose to go out in red. This color is linked to power and can boost self-esteem. And who does not want to feel more powerful and confident in your decisions? Yeah, so for those gray days when you seem to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, get some nice red outfit and awaken the best in you.

P.S.: Click right here to know more about the over-the-knee boots! What about the poncho? Click here for amazing tips on how to use this piece.

Bag: Chanel / Eyewear: Ell /Boots: Forever 21

Poncho: Henna Impex (Wholesale Only)

Address: 142 West, 29th Street, New York, NY, Phone 212-695-9933 






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