Like every woman who loooves makeup, I do not go out on the streets without a great sunscreen and a good foundation. Oh, wait . . .  we still need the blush and illuminator to help achieve that healthy summer look.

This beauty ritual seems very well resolved in the description above, doesn’t it? But there was a problem: I could not find a good product that came after cleaning the skin and before makeup.

No, luv, just a pure and simple primer does not work. I wanted something that would function like a primer but offered a more targeted protection.

That gap between cleansing the skin and the application of the foundation, however, lasted only until a dermal therapist based in New York, Fabricio Ormonde, showed me the Skin Medica Vitamin C + E Complex.

The differential of the Vitamin C + E Complex is in the name itself: the product offers a high concentration of vitamins C and E.  Experts suggest that these vitamins integrate routine daily skin care; and the great complexity of the product bearing the label of Skin Medica goes beyond what a simple primer offers before makeup.

The formula of Vitamin C + E Complex contains antioxidants that help prevent damage caused by the action of free radicals and can be used before daytime makeup, that basic look for work, or that heavy and powerful makeup for your night glam.

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P.S.: Make sure to read Living Aurora ‘s Ritual 1 – we strong advise you to give yourself some goodies from time to time (or always!). Beauty products, makeup, and nail polish are our friends and allies in the war to fight depression and plant a kiss on the shoulder of the enemy. Good make up is a wonder for bad energy! 

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