Lately I’ve been reading a lot about chromotherapy and how colors can influence your daily activities. From a dance class to an important decision-making process, colors are present in everything; and can, indeed, activate and stimulate your energy. Today, therefore, I chose to go out in red. This color is linked to power and can Read more »



The first time I saw a person wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots, I was practically a child, about 12 years old, and I thought that this fashion piece should be strictly abolished to the troposphere. Fashion, however, will march on, throw styles away and then love them when they come back. I, however, do Read more »

70’s MOOD


Day 4 This costume features bell-bottomed jeans, bare feet and a suede vest with fringes and studs. The scenery … It could be a concert by Joe Cocker, in nineteen seventy-something, somewhere in California, but the fact is that we are in 2016, and – without Joe to animate the bandstand – I decided to carry my California Read more »



Araucaria trees, green roads and many municipal parks make Curitiba, the capital of Parana, an unforgettable place and a reminder that, yes, Brazil has great examples of urbanization and citizenship. Before visiting the city of Curitiba I remember a documentary I watched on the National Geographic channel about the “Rede Integrada de Transporte – RIT Read more »