Since childhood I have an unrequited passion: the Aurora Borealis. Unrequited because I’ve never seen this phenomenon in person but I feel so connected to it that my eyes almost always tear up when I see photos or videos of this beautiful and symbolic sight. Aurora, for me, is about a world of possibilities, a show where visually there is nothing beyond the essential: the lights.

The Aurora Experience, to me, is spiritual. You view your dreams in an active, multi-colored tapestry full of curved and flexible movements … So what if we, Aurora, were to create a blog so with the feel of an online magazine and a face inspired by you? Multifaceted, with themes that reflect well-being, fashion, design and a universe of inspiration as varied as the color game that plays across the skies.

To my surprise, Aurora answered! She loved the idea and reminded me that her name is a tribute to the Goddess of the Dawn, that which awakens people from their deepest dreams and opens the gates of heaven to the sun; the perfect image of women seeking whatever that raises themselves and others because they know that the next day, the sun will come again arousing new dreams.

Welcome to our philosophy: Living Aurora!

Pants: Citizens of Humanity / Blouse: Juicy Couture / Eyewear: Tommy Hilfiger / Scarf: Givenchy / Shoes: Sonho dos Pés / Bag: Ell / Rings: H&M Balmain / Photo by Michael Violago 







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